Sunday, 23 January 2011

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Abby :)

As Abby was walking down the street to her school Macy came running from out of no where and out of the blue Abby started saying "Can you believe him i mean he gave me the look and then made my heart break

over mean selfish Katie!" OK OK i get your point you are obsessed over him she said smiling then i ran after her all the way to school and once i got there i saw mike i just ignored him and then i thought him and Katie where going to fall in love and 6 years later get married but then he came towards me and then he stopped to say "i am so sorry i was dumb" i looked him in the eye and knew he meant it so i sat down for lunch.
Hey, guys abbys heart is still Broken from Mikes Mean move.


as Abby got ready for the night of my life Abby thought of how mad Macy would be if Abby skipped our study.i couldn't help myself i had a really cute dress on! Abby was so excited Abby heard my doorbell and ran and stopped and then flipped my hair hi Mike Abby said he toke me to his car Abby was so scared this was my first time going to a movie at 11:30 at night hey don't blame me i am only 13! well we got there and signed in and we got there and he toke my purse and said I'll meet you in and as i came in i forgot to get my ticket out of my purse and as i got to him i saw him sharing popcorn my worlds snotty Katie with his arm around her, i felt my heart cut into i came right to him and toke my purse and poured my drink all over his shirt and i ran out the movie crying and got a taxi to drive me home the rest of the night i could not sleep.

Abby's worries

You know How you always have a moment When your heart Mealts and you get red cheeks! well, today at school for me Abby i was walking to my locker room when Mike stopped me and said something that made my heart pound so hard! "um hey Abby i was wondering if you wanted to catch a movie later?" i was thinking say no because i had plans to help Macy on her homework but how could i my dream guy who might i add has smooth blond hair a great smile and light blue eyes hello? Abby you there i blinked and said oh is that a yes. he said looking at me like he had somewhere to go, um sure mike OK at I'll pick you up later. then he left i hugged my books and went in my Locker room when i heard Katie talking about how her And Mike broke up Abby Shocked that Mike would dump Katie over me! i justwalked in and said Hey then got my gym clothes and i jumped when i saw Macy walking in the room i just had to tell her! but i did not know how! i just blurted it out " Macy guess what Mike asked me to go to a movie with him!" she ran to me and jumped and squealed with me Katie had her mad face on the bell rand i put my books in my bag and put it around my shoulder and told her the whole story on the way home as we were waking in the street i saw Katie holding hands with someone and i did not know who it was until the next night.... To Be continued.

Abby trouble

trouble trouble trouble That's all Abby could think about Katie was next to her with food on her, here's what happened...., i was coming into the school There was evil Mike with Eviler Katie after the movies i never want to see Mike again! well at least Macy was happy with Tim :). we went to get lunch and we where walking to our table but there was a Note it said "To Abby" so i opened it inside it said "You tryed to go out with my boyfriend
so watch your back Katie
I just walked up to Katie and pored her creamed corn on her she dropped her jaw before she could yell she grabbed Katie's pudding and pored into her mouth Katie ran out without saying anything it wasn't more then 5 seconds till she was called to the main office. so i got grounded for life and Katie hates me and didn't get in trouble untill next time I am Abby and this is THE END!!!!!!!

Abby shy

Abby was getting ready for school that morning when a moving truck pulled up next door is someone moving in next door? Abby asked yes this nice family she was a girl you age you should go meet her she is going to your school Mom said fine Abby said walking out the door.
Abby walked up and said "Hi i live next door welcome to the neighborhood i am Abby" Hi Abby i am Mr.Lonesome i have two kids one doesn't live here... the other is in the backyard if you want to meet her Mr.Lonesome said Abby walked to the backyard did she really want to meet her? she was there looking at the grass kicking it making a little hole Hi i am Abby you are? Abby said Layla She said slowly she looked up at Abby then down again with her big brown eyes as she walked into the school she saw Tim she started to daydream i had to stop this i ran in front of her so she couldn't see Tim

you don't want to do that, Abby said lets go get a milk shake in the school cafe.



when Abby got home she was told she had to babysit her sister Emily for 3 hours, Emily was now one year old so she would be running and screaming her head off if she woke up but right as mom walked out the door the back doorbell rang i had to run so fast to get it so Emily wouldn't wake up as i was out of breath i got it Layla was there "hey why are you here?" Abby said,

Well my Mother wanted me out of the house so...... Do you wanna play?she said with a big grin

Abby was thinking "She is in high school and she wants to play???" but she didn't say that

well i would play moving her fingers like bunny ears but i have to watch Emily inside sorry

that's ok she said with a sad face i-i will maby come back tomorrow.... see ya and she ran like the wind

Play date

Hi this is Layla, i was wondering if you want a Playdate sometime? like friday 6:00p.m? if you can call me at 555-5555 LAYLA!!! ;)


Abby got this Tuesday in the mail box so she called and said yes when friday came she was all setup for Layla's makeover!, She has been working on this all day becuse today was a snow day! she heard the door bell ring she welcomed Layla and took her up stairs,


the makeover went great this is how she looked. (go up).

The End!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Abby cell phone

BUT MOM Abby said No buts mom said, why? everyone at school does, even Macy does! Abby said We are not talking about anymore Mom said. I was so mad for the rest of the day even at school, I got a F- in math I couldn't help it i saw everyone texting i couldn't help it i wrote cell phone on each one

400%/+200= CELL PHONE

the next day the report cards came in mom got them before i did,

Mom's jaw dropped she was mad. English class Abby really "why did Gorge Washington cross the Delaware" you said "to get his Cell Phone back then it was called cellular phone" 0% on the test :(. Mom keep on reading and reading and her face getting more mad and more mad.

she hardly spoke to Abby anymore. dad was wondering what's up. You guys talk so much why not now dad said with a goofy grin. Nothing me and my mom said at the same time but then mom passed my report card to dad ugggggg.
my mom came into my room
"Ok mabey 15 is a little long how about 14?" yes yes YES! i said shouting
14 may feel far away you can never wait but remember...
never wish to grow older by that time it will be to late. Abby

Friday, 14 January 2011

Abby's 13

Abby woke up that morning with the warm sun in her face. She woke up she knew today is the day! She ran down the staircase there was a surprise waiting for her, a BIG cake with her name finely printed in cursive with a eatable picture of her. Abby took a big slice of cake, yum," I am eating myself" she said with cake falling out of her mouth. Wow i don't even eat THAT much her, annoying brother Jake said , Jake mom said "it is Her 13th birthday".

so i was 13, three years ago grabbing an apple. "Well don't mess it up for me" Abby said," today is going to be the best day ever".

At school she just ran up to Macy and yelled guess what guess what!!!!!!!! Abby said In 5 seconds you will be 13 Macy said with a grin i know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lets have a party!

OK where my basement is it clean Abby said yep Macy said I'm in

i could order a big fancy cake with lots of icing Macy said

that would be fun but wait i don't have anything good to wear? Abby said how much money do you have? Macy said

$50 why? Abby said because i have $200 so that should cover everything Macy said

Macy you are the best friend ever! Abby said i know what would you do without me?
Macy said we just have to run it by or parents.

PICK ONE Macy said

sorry Abby said how about we play a game called spin and pick Macy said how do you play Abby said well first you hold your pointer finger out and then you spin once then you open your eyes Macy said looking at 20 dresses OK ready set go she spined and stoped and opened her eyes a blue dress appeared it was a baby blue dress with a brown belt and a coat.

Macy did it to she ended up with a colorful dress.

they went to the 1$ store and got the stuff for the party all they needed was a band.
Ok i have to Abby said Um what are you doing in my room Jake said I need your band to play at my party Abby said quickly Oh my gosh how much Jake said How much for what? Abby said to play at your party? Jake said oh around $20 deal? Abby said Jake looked at her for a minute
ok Jake said. Abby headed down to Macy's basement oh my gosh! Abby said the band was ready a big cake dance floor everything for the party!. guest's started coming around 5:00 all my friends from school and more tons of bags and then it hit me Mike was going to be here! there he was opening the doors the fan down there was moving his hair just like a movie he was walking to me my heart was pounding Nice party Mike said Thanks Macy set it up Abby said hey do you want he was stoped Katie the popularest girl in school took him by the arm pulled him to the dance floor i wanted to pull her hair out but i was mature and didn't. well the party ended and i got tons of stuff i will tell you about it next time untill then this is Abby bye!
The end (for now)

This is Abby

Abby is NOT real just a person i made up but when you see pics of her they will be Victoria Justice this her so make sure you are not fooled

Abby's Baby babble

You know how baby's go on and on not knowing what they are saying? they make everyone smile and laugh so hard yet so soft? you know what i mean well sometimes it makes you feel left out?well not Abby she doesn't care much for baby's she just thinks they are a waste of time, a waste that's all she thinks of baby's i know what you are thinking "how could anyone i mean ANYONE think that well don't ask me. well her parent's told her the big news she was going to be an older sister not an only child anymore, they thought she would be happy but she was miserable! she couldn't believe it she never wanted this how could they do this to her she thought her best friend Macy would understand but she didn't she said "The baby sound's like a great thing how come you think it's bad?" she just didn't understand, Well she went to school the next day she saw a group of her friend's she walked over but just as she opened her mouth to say hi an announcement came on the speakers it said" Abby Jackelyn please report to the main office" when she walked kid's where oohing her but she just stood her ground and walked in the the Main Office she found principal John on the phone he hanged up he said "your mothers in labor you have take the early bus Ok?" Ok Abby said she was scared why was she she should be happy that she gets to go home Macy came over and said so what did you do? nothing Abby said my mom is having her baby Abby Macy said why are you mad about being an older sister? I am not mad its just I'm she stoped you can tell me Macy said ok i am just scared what if they forget about me what if she doesn't like me? Abby said Abby they won't forget about you and she will LOVE you just like i do she said with a smile you are growing up in a loving home with a loving family so go home and be with them in there time of need Macy said see this is why i need a bff Abby said what would you do without me? :). When Abby got home she heard her mom yelling Mom why are you still here? we where going to the Hospital when you got home come on lets go! Abby said they drove for five minutes tell they got there, The birth took five hours but it felt like five years bu tthen she saw her Emily sweet sweet emily she called all her friends but the first friend she called Macy thank you Macy. The End