Thursday, 20 January 2011


as Abby got ready for the night of my life Abby thought of how mad Macy would be if Abby skipped our study.i couldn't help myself i had a really cute dress on! Abby was so excited Abby heard my doorbell and ran and stopped and then flipped my hair hi Mike Abby said he toke me to his car Abby was so scared this was my first time going to a movie at 11:30 at night hey don't blame me i am only 13! well we got there and signed in and we got there and he toke my purse and said I'll meet you in and as i came in i forgot to get my ticket out of my purse and as i got to him i saw him sharing popcorn my worlds snotty Katie with his arm around her, i felt my heart cut into i came right to him and toke my purse and poured my drink all over his shirt and i ran out the movie crying and got a taxi to drive me home the rest of the night i could not sleep.

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