Friday, 14 January 2011

Abby's Baby babble

You know how baby's go on and on not knowing what they are saying? they make everyone smile and laugh so hard yet so soft? you know what i mean well sometimes it makes you feel left out?well not Abby she doesn't care much for baby's she just thinks they are a waste of time, a waste that's all she thinks of baby's i know what you are thinking "how could anyone i mean ANYONE think that well don't ask me. well her parent's told her the big news she was going to be an older sister not an only child anymore, they thought she would be happy but she was miserable! she couldn't believe it she never wanted this how could they do this to her she thought her best friend Macy would understand but she didn't she said "The baby sound's like a great thing how come you think it's bad?" she just didn't understand, Well she went to school the next day she saw a group of her friend's she walked over but just as she opened her mouth to say hi an announcement came on the speakers it said" Abby Jackelyn please report to the main office" when she walked kid's where oohing her but she just stood her ground and walked in the the Main Office she found principal John on the phone he hanged up he said "your mothers in labor you have take the early bus Ok?" Ok Abby said she was scared why was she she should be happy that she gets to go home Macy came over and said so what did you do? nothing Abby said my mom is having her baby Abby Macy said why are you mad about being an older sister? I am not mad its just I'm she stoped you can tell me Macy said ok i am just scared what if they forget about me what if she doesn't like me? Abby said Abby they won't forget about you and she will LOVE you just like i do she said with a smile you are growing up in a loving home with a loving family so go home and be with them in there time of need Macy said see this is why i need a bff Abby said what would you do without me? :). When Abby got home she heard her mom yelling Mom why are you still here? we where going to the Hospital when you got home come on lets go! Abby said they drove for five minutes tell they got there, The birth took five hours but it felt like five years bu tthen she saw her Emily sweet sweet emily she called all her friends but the first friend she called Macy thank you Macy. The End

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