Thursday, 20 January 2011

Abby's worries

You know How you always have a moment When your heart Mealts and you get red cheeks! well, today at school for me Abby i was walking to my locker room when Mike stopped me and said something that made my heart pound so hard! "um hey Abby i was wondering if you wanted to catch a movie later?" i was thinking say no because i had plans to help Macy on her homework but how could i my dream guy who might i add has smooth blond hair a great smile and light blue eyes hello? Abby you there i blinked and said oh is that a yes. he said looking at me like he had somewhere to go, um sure mike OK at I'll pick you up later. then he left i hugged my books and went in my Locker room when i heard Katie talking about how her And Mike broke up Abby Shocked that Mike would dump Katie over me! i justwalked in and said Hey then got my gym clothes and i jumped when i saw Macy walking in the room i just had to tell her! but i did not know how! i just blurted it out " Macy guess what Mike asked me to go to a movie with him!" she ran to me and jumped and squealed with me Katie had her mad face on the bell rand i put my books in my bag and put it around my shoulder and told her the whole story on the way home as we were waking in the street i saw Katie holding hands with someone and i did not know who it was until the next night.... To Be continued.

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