Thursday, 20 January 2011

Abby trouble

trouble trouble trouble That's all Abby could think about Katie was next to her with food on her, here's what happened...., i was coming into the school There was evil Mike with Eviler Katie after the movies i never want to see Mike again! well at least Macy was happy with Tim :). we went to get lunch and we where walking to our table but there was a Note it said "To Abby" so i opened it inside it said "You tryed to go out with my boyfriend
so watch your back Katie
I just walked up to Katie and pored her creamed corn on her she dropped her jaw before she could yell she grabbed Katie's pudding and pored into her mouth Katie ran out without saying anything it wasn't more then 5 seconds till she was called to the main office. so i got grounded for life and Katie hates me and didn't get in trouble untill next time I am Abby and this is THE END!!!!!!!

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