Saturday, 15 January 2011

Abby cell phone

BUT MOM Abby said No buts mom said, why? everyone at school does, even Macy does! Abby said We are not talking about anymore Mom said. I was so mad for the rest of the day even at school, I got a F- in math I couldn't help it i saw everyone texting i couldn't help it i wrote cell phone on each one

400%/+200= CELL PHONE

the next day the report cards came in mom got them before i did,

Mom's jaw dropped she was mad. English class Abby really "why did Gorge Washington cross the Delaware" you said "to get his Cell Phone back then it was called cellular phone" 0% on the test :(. Mom keep on reading and reading and her face getting more mad and more mad.

she hardly spoke to Abby anymore. dad was wondering what's up. You guys talk so much why not now dad said with a goofy grin. Nothing me and my mom said at the same time but then mom passed my report card to dad ugggggg.
my mom came into my room
"Ok mabey 15 is a little long how about 14?" yes yes YES! i said shouting
14 may feel far away you can never wait but remember...
never wish to grow older by that time it will be to late. Abby

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