Friday, 14 January 2011

Abby's 13

Abby woke up that morning with the warm sun in her face. She woke up she knew today is the day! She ran down the staircase there was a surprise waiting for her, a BIG cake with her name finely printed in cursive with a eatable picture of her. Abby took a big slice of cake, yum," I am eating myself" she said with cake falling out of her mouth. Wow i don't even eat THAT much her, annoying brother Jake said , Jake mom said "it is Her 13th birthday".

so i was 13, three years ago grabbing an apple. "Well don't mess it up for me" Abby said," today is going to be the best day ever".

At school she just ran up to Macy and yelled guess what guess what!!!!!!!! Abby said In 5 seconds you will be 13 Macy said with a grin i know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lets have a party!

OK where my basement is it clean Abby said yep Macy said I'm in

i could order a big fancy cake with lots of icing Macy said

that would be fun but wait i don't have anything good to wear? Abby said how much money do you have? Macy said

$50 why? Abby said because i have $200 so that should cover everything Macy said

Macy you are the best friend ever! Abby said i know what would you do without me?
Macy said we just have to run it by or parents.

PICK ONE Macy said

sorry Abby said how about we play a game called spin and pick Macy said how do you play Abby said well first you hold your pointer finger out and then you spin once then you open your eyes Macy said looking at 20 dresses OK ready set go she spined and stoped and opened her eyes a blue dress appeared it was a baby blue dress with a brown belt and a coat.

Macy did it to she ended up with a colorful dress.

they went to the 1$ store and got the stuff for the party all they needed was a band.
Ok i have to Abby said Um what are you doing in my room Jake said I need your band to play at my party Abby said quickly Oh my gosh how much Jake said How much for what? Abby said to play at your party? Jake said oh around $20 deal? Abby said Jake looked at her for a minute
ok Jake said. Abby headed down to Macy's basement oh my gosh! Abby said the band was ready a big cake dance floor everything for the party!. guest's started coming around 5:00 all my friends from school and more tons of bags and then it hit me Mike was going to be here! there he was opening the doors the fan down there was moving his hair just like a movie he was walking to me my heart was pounding Nice party Mike said Thanks Macy set it up Abby said hey do you want he was stoped Katie the popularest girl in school took him by the arm pulled him to the dance floor i wanted to pull her hair out but i was mature and didn't. well the party ended and i got tons of stuff i will tell you about it next time untill then this is Abby bye!
The end (for now)

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