Thursday, 20 January 2011

Abby shy

Abby was getting ready for school that morning when a moving truck pulled up next door is someone moving in next door? Abby asked yes this nice family she was a girl you age you should go meet her she is going to your school Mom said fine Abby said walking out the door.
Abby walked up and said "Hi i live next door welcome to the neighborhood i am Abby" Hi Abby i am Mr.Lonesome i have two kids one doesn't live here... the other is in the backyard if you want to meet her Mr.Lonesome said Abby walked to the backyard did she really want to meet her? she was there looking at the grass kicking it making a little hole Hi i am Abby you are? Abby said Layla She said slowly she looked up at Abby then down again with her big brown eyes as she walked into the school she saw Tim she started to daydream i had to stop this i ran in front of her so she couldn't see Tim

you don't want to do that, Abby said lets go get a milk shake in the school cafe.



when Abby got home she was told she had to babysit her sister Emily for 3 hours, Emily was now one year old so she would be running and screaming her head off if she woke up but right as mom walked out the door the back doorbell rang i had to run so fast to get it so Emily wouldn't wake up as i was out of breath i got it Layla was there "hey why are you here?" Abby said,

Well my Mother wanted me out of the house so...... Do you wanna play?she said with a big grin

Abby was thinking "She is in high school and she wants to play???" but she didn't say that

well i would play moving her fingers like bunny ears but i have to watch Emily inside sorry

that's ok she said with a sad face i-i will maby come back tomorrow.... see ya and she ran like the wind

Play date

Hi this is Layla, i was wondering if you want a Playdate sometime? like friday 6:00p.m? if you can call me at 555-5555 LAYLA!!! ;)


Abby got this Tuesday in the mail box so she called and said yes when friday came she was all setup for Layla's makeover!, She has been working on this all day becuse today was a snow day! she heard the door bell ring she welcomed Layla and took her up stairs,


the makeover went great this is how she looked. (go up).

The End!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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